Treating Constipation

Treating Constipation

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Many people suffer from constipation, particularly the elderly and those who are taking opioids for pain relief. Most people do nothing for it. Other people do healthy things which are either ineffective or might be effective had they stuck to a daily regimen. And then there are those who take stool softeners and other products which are of no benefit to the body in terms of adding health. In other words, stool softeners and other products do nothing to strengthen the body.

I find that treating problems such as constipation with healthy foods and lifestyle changes can be ineffective because the main reason people are not healthy to begin with is not being consistent with the lifestyle choices they should be doing anyhow. So if they can’t stick to the regimen for whatever reason, the problem isn’t going to correct itself. Therefore, a great, easy and cost effective way to treat constipation with one or two doses is with buffered Vitamin C powder; meanwhile, reaping other benefits at the same time. It’s great to treat a problem while you wrestle with the every day task of changing your lifestyle so that you can begin correcting imbalances simply by eating a healthier manner.

Buffered Vitamin C powder is 2.35 grams of Vitamin C. This is quite a bit more than your glass of pasteurized bottom of the barrel useless OJ sold in stores. Actually, it is a ton more. When taking large doses of Vitamin C it is common to hear (hopefully) to dose to bowel tolerance. This means that you take it to the point to where you have loose bowel movements. Loose is not the same as invoking sustained diarrhea. Eventually, you will come to tolerate a specific dose without looser BM’s.

If you are dosing to bowel tolerance which for most people will be one serving size, or one scoop, the bowels will move, I assure you. In addition to moving the bowels you are ramping up your Vitamin C level which most people are not getting enough of every day. Getting into the habit taking Vitamin C daily that is readily absorbed into the system is a great way to increase your immune system and ward off cardiovascular disease!

Vitamin C deficiency is major component in the cause of cardiovascular disease. So when you hear that the cause of someone’s problem is cardiovascular disease, you can remember that CV disease is pathology, not a cause. Vitamin C deficiency is a cause of the pathology known as cardiovascular disease. I encourage you to research this on your own.
Vitamin C is a water soluble Vitamin so you can’t take too much in the oral form. And it is doubtful that you would ever take more than your body can handle due to the nature of the effects. I know personally another provider who himself takes up to 12,000 grams daily. This dose will place most all of us in the smaller corridors of the house for hours.

What I like about this product by Thorne, which I have no affiliation to, is that it also contains 350 mg of Calcium and Magnesium. Magnesium is mineral that many people are deficient in and plays a major role in the body. ¬†Taking a tissue salt fora month when taking magnesium is an excellent way to facilitate and maximize the use of magnesium into the body which will enhance it’s ability to enter the cell to perform its function.

As with any symptom, it is always good to see if there is a reason to be concerned such as having a hypothyroid or other condition explaining the nature of a symptom such as constipation. Often times, it may be something simple to correct such as dietary issues or lack of hydration.


Written by: Dr. Chris Fucci