Amazing Benefits of Yunnan Baiyou to Stop Bleeding

Amazing Benefits of Yunnan Baiyou to Stop Bleeding

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Yunnan Baiyou is a powder that originated in China.  It was created by Qu Huanzhang who is said to have lived in the Province of Yunnan.  The powders notoriety came from it’s successful use in wars where Chinese soldiers had suffered from bleeding wounds which called for a homeostatic agent.  The application of this powder acted to quickly stop the bleeding in such men afflicted with battle wounds.  It’s was deemed the miracle powder and held the same reverence as Penicillin did in the United States.

The use of this powder/herb mixture works amazingly well for external cuts or even gun shot wounds.  I have personally used it on small cuts due to shaving to larger cuts from a knife.  It’s worked great on both.  I’ve even used it on my dogs nails when the nail was cut too short and the quick began bleeding.  As opposed to holding a rag on it for 10 minutes (with a dog that keeps moving) before it clotted, it just took 1-2 minutes with the Yunnan Baiyou powder and some pressure.

Yunnan Baiyou even works for internal disorders such as people who have hemophilia where their blood is deficient of important clotting factors.  This is a huge testament to its prowess when it comes to effectiveness.  Other internal uses have been in treating gastric bleeding ulcers, nose bleeds, and heavy menstruation.  In these type of cases where the the bleeding is due to an internal cause the application of Yunnan Baiyou is consumed in capsule form.

In addition to it being so effective, its cost is minimal at about $10 USD per bottle which contains four grams of herbal powder.  Typically, a dab with a q-tip in the powder is enough to stop a small razor cut and a few dabs for a small cut from a knife.  A bottle would be enough for a much larger knife wound and even a smaller gun shot wound.  Hopefully, no one would ever need to verify this one way or another.

Yunnan Baiyou can be found online through sites like eBay or at a local Chinese market.  Markets that sell food often have a small dispensary of Chinese herbal products.  Picking up the phone and give a local store a call would be the easiest way to inquire about obtaining Yunnan Baiyou locally.