Is Inflammation Really Causing Your Pain

Is Inflammation Really Causing Your Pain

04:41 14 June in Uncategorized

It seems that whenever pain is discussed it is never talked about without the world inflammation being used.  Often times, it is said to be the cause.  However, this is highly inaccurate.  Inflammation is not a root cause of pain, your choices are.  In other words, inflammation not due to an acute injury such as a sprained ankle is most often due to your lifestyle choices.  Non-lifestyle causes are environmental – solvents kept in your house, BPA in all plastics, pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables, air pollution, etc. Toxins are inflammatory.

Inflammation doesn’t just show up without a cause.  Ingesting any of the aforementioned toxins creates an inflammatory response which is part of the body’s defense mechanism.

Chronic exposure to anything which offends your body leads to chronic inflammation which then leads to a change in the function and structure of the cell, structure of the tissues, and eventually the function of the organ.  At this point, the cells which make up the organ do not function optimally. The toxicity then gets stored in the body because it can’t get rid of them as it can when in a healthy state. Since toxins are acids, and an acidic state causes inflammation, the body becomes diseased over time due to this toxic burden.  You the patient are then given a diagnosis based on the symptoms which are caused largely in part by inflammation and toxic build up that is due to poor lifestyle choices.

That being said, what is the main contribution to the root cause of  disease?

Bad lifestyle choices.  Genetics account for an extremely small percentage of diseases; however, patients and doctors love to blame genetics.  This is extremely outdated medical theory.  Genetics only point the gun, but your lifestyle choices pull the trigger.

Root causes of inflammation:

  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking – the adverse effects of chronic use severely impacts the health of the body.
  • Soda pop – substitute flavored soda water.
  • Refined and processed foods – these are most all things in a box, bag and covered in plastic.
  • Fast food – falls under processed foods but this needs mentioned specifically.
  • Sugar – the damage sugar does is off the charts.  Eliminate it.
  • Gluten found in pastas and breads – hard for people to avoid, but try at least for a few weeks, go from there.
  • High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) – read the labels.  You will be amazed at how much HFCS is used.
  • Hormones and antibiotics –  pumped into meats such as the ones that say “Natural” on the label.
  • Chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegetables – would you spray Raid on your apple and then eat it?
  • Air pollution – I suggest you live in a bubble.  Kidding aside, take NAC if you can afford it.
  • Lack of sleep – In bed by 10 pm should be the goal to capture the full benefits of sleep. Total darkness.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means but it highlights the most common causes of inflammation.  The take home message would be that if it isn’t good for your body, it’s going to cause inflammation.  The first line of defense is your mind.  If you don’t care about your body and your health then unfortunately no one can help you.

Being healthy, or maintaining heath, isn’t about eating a perfect diet but it is about shooting for 85% good decision making.  I will say that with chronic disease of any kind including chronic pain, I would raise that number to 95%.  When you are already behind the eight ball and afflicted with any kind of illness, you just have to make a decision and focus.  You have to weed out the things that are not in your best interest – people, food, habits, whatever it is, it has to go or be pushed to the side until you can reclaim your health.

In this lifetime, you only get one body.  Everyone will eventually succumb to time, but how you feel every day until that time is ultimately dependent upon the decisions you make regarding your health.