Supplements to Combat Inflammation

Supplements to Combat Inflammation

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The first step in combating inflammation is not to take supplements but rather to remove all obstacles to cure.   What are these obstacles to cure?  It’s basically anything that is not healthy for your body.  See my prior article on causes of inflammation to get a better understanding of what these causes and obstacles to cure are.

The most effective therapy is avoiding the mistake which leads to the problem.  The best part about this treatment is it doesn’t cost you anything because it’s a choice.

Being a realist, we live in toxic world and there is no getting around that.  Therefore, despite eating a clean diet (minimal to no processed foods) it is advisable to take certain supplements which have numerous benefits including keeping inflammation at a non-harmful level.

I would also like to add that inflammation is a necessary process in the body as it is part of healing and recovery, but due to our environment and lifestyle choices, it tends to be in excess and chronic.

A few supplements that can help reduce levels of inflammation are the following:

Probiotics (HMF Superpowder)

Due to the poor diet of many people and the lack of fermented foods as our ancestors ate regularly, our gut microbiome (intestinal bacteria) has become imbalanced where certain types of bacteria outnumber other types of bacteria.  In other words, your gut has a predominance of certain types of bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.  However, processed foods, alcohol, gluten that is found in bread products, sugar, and other sources create an overabundance of bacteria that should not be predominant.  When this happens, these bacteria become pathogenic which means they cause us problems.

Most people would never associate dysbiosis (an imbalance of “good vs bad” bacteria) as a contributing cause to inflammation.  However, it can through an issue called leaky gut.  When a person experiences leaky gut syndrome the amount of pathogenic bacteria create “loose junctions” between the cells which line your intestines.  These loose junctions then allow undigested protein and toxins to get through your cells which would not under normal circumstances.  These proteins and toxins register as a foreign entity to the body.  The body then creates an antigen- antibody complex which promotes the inflammatory cascade to begin.  Since you are eating on average of 3 times a day, this problem is ongoing and becomes a source of chronic inflammation.  This plays a role in countless diseases.

More important is the fact that it plays a role in the PROCESS of the development of disease.  Western medicine can only tell you something is wrong when it shows up on an x-ray, MRI, CT scan, imaging study, or lab test. I would add physical exam but that skill is subpar with most clinicians these days as they all rely on tests. And when something shows up on a test, it’s for the most part pathology.  Pathology is whenever there is a change in the structure of said element – Flexibility of the arterial wall (atherosclerosis – hardening of the artery), the organ itself (eg. cardiomyopathy – enlarged heart), aberrant cells (tumor – clustering together of cells gone rogue), etc.  But what about the process?  Why isn’t anyone able to diagnose you at this point?  Because they can’t based on a flawed medical system and theory, or philosophy of what disease is.  Just looking at the health of our country and the system itself, it should be common sense that the philosophy of what disease is…is severely flawed. So while you may not have the diagnosis of leaky gut, you may very well, and probably do have the process of this going on which means your GI system is partially impaired.

Remember, poor diet leading to leaky gut which creates chronic inflammation is dealing at the level of the root cause.  It is these types of imbalances which you are in control of that lead to symptoms which lead to a diagnosis or disease whether it is leaky gut or any other disease.  Therefore, a disease is just a name that is defined by a group of symptoms.  It is not the cause.  This is simple concept but difficult to understand being raised in a Western model of medicine.  People will shake their head yes, say it makes sense, but then go right back to seeking the cause of their problems as being a diseased name.  It’s why it bears repeating over and over.

Dysbiosis can even contribute to obesity.   There is a certain type of bacteria called firmicutes that overgrows in the presence of poor dietary choices.  This particular bacterium has the ability to increase caloric uptake of food after ingested.  Therefore, more calories extracted from the food contributes the development of obesity.  Nature magazine published an article where it studied twins who both ate 2,000 calories each day, but who had different levels of firmicutes.1 The individual with less firmicutes was the leaner of the two.  Whether it is obesity, constipation, a propensity for UTI’s, metabolic syndrome, or other issues, dysbiosis can, although not always, be the cause of one’s problem.

Omega 3 Fish Oils (Super EFA by Genstra) 

There are 2 main types of fatty acids that medicine tends to focus on when it comes to inflammation.  These 2 fatty acids are Omega 3 and Omega 6.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is extremely high in Omega 6 FA’s.  In short, Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory while Omega 6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory.

Foods to consider, or not:

Omega 3:  Fish such as salmon, flax-seed, chia seeds, walnuts, kale, Brussel sprouts and spinach to name a few.

Omega 6:  Fried foods, fast foods, all things cooked in vegetable oil such as those great tasting nachos that might lead to GERD the next day, and most all snacks (look for vegetable oil in the ingredients).  I’m willing to bet that most all restaurants use the cheaper oil to cook with since business tends to be all about profit.  What oil do you think they use, the expensive kind or the cheap kind that is bad for your health?  I don’t think you need to use a life-line or to call a friend to get the right answer.

Aside from the anti-inflammatory properties of Omega 3 fish oils, it has neuroprotective properties which help with depression and anxiety, it protects against cardiovascular disease which includes lowering blood pressure, helps in preventing blood clots, lowers the risk of developing metabolic syndrome (aka pre-diabetes), helps kids with ADHD, and other benefits such as those suffering a fatty liver, asthma and eye issues.

Curcumin with bioperine (by Pure Encapsulations)

Curcumin is mostly known for being an herb in Indian foods such as curry.  It has a plethora of benefits including inflammation.  However, the benefits don’t stop there.  It serves as an excellent antioxidant.  This means that is neutralizes unbound oxygen molecules that are part of chemical reactions every second of the day. When left uncoupled, they are called free-radicals.  Free-radicals damage healthy cells and tissues.  Our diets should provide us with anti-oxidants to neutralize these free-radicals, but this isn’t the case with most people as they consume the Standard American Diet (SAD).  In addition, our world is becoming increasingly toxic which doesn’t help matters. There are over 100,000 industrial chemicals now in use.  Scientific Americanum published an article regarding a study done on the analysis of the fetal blood cord of babies which revealed over 200 chemicals!2  You are not born “clean” any more, you are born toxic.  Outside the scope of this article, due to miasms and epigenetics, you’re dirty furthermore.  Genetics is old news.  Stop blaming it, get with the times.

As with Omega 3 fish oils, curcumin also helps with the prevention of neurological problems.  Countless scientific studies have been published documenting the increased brain function and lowered risk for developing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  Moreover, curcumin helps prevent against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and depression.

Studies have shown that curcumin is more effective with bioperine than without.  Bioperine is black pepper.  It helps with the absorption.  Taking curcumin alone will yield unsatisfactory results and benefits.

As with anything in life, there are detractors of curcumin and everything else mentioned above, along with just about anything put on earth by our creator as having healing properties.  Unfortunately, science has become heavily influenced by entities with a special interest which comes in the form of money.  In essence, it boils down to whether you believe that all civilizations before 150 years ago had the ability to use what God put on this earth in the form of herbs and other medicines to heal themselves, or mankind was clueless until modern medicine came to save the day which has produced human beings sicker than ever.  What form of “evidence based medicine” do you want to believe?  Most people are sicker than ever after being treated their entire life with “evidence based medicine” that is found in scientific journals.  It’s mind boggling how people continue to rely on the system that has failed them year after year, for decades.

My patients on the side of Western medicine often ask me where they can get these supplements.  My answer is that I have no recommendation of any specific OTC stores because too many of the supplements sold OTC are of poor quality. See my other article on this.  Many studies have been done on the  supplements sold OTC and the findings show that they either don’t contain what is listed, they do but it’s not of a therapeutic value, it has the correct herb but not the correct strain of herb (the one with medicinal value), or they have heavy metals.  As a medical provider, I can’t rely on uncertainty when prescribing a supplement to a patient.  I do however recommend my patients get supplements from the company I deal with locally here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  If a person can’t pick them up personally, they will ship them with 2-day delivery for instate and 3-4 for out of state.  If you want to get quality supplements then go to the online medicinary and enter provider code Unda when registering an account with them.  You may also see my other article previously mentioned for a list of companies which a few do sell OTC.




Written by: Dr. Chris Fucci