Office Fees


I am currently no longer accepting new patients in the clinic, however, I am accepting new patients for teleconference consultations. Telemedicine is the new paradigm in medicine. As 90% of all medical problems are due to chronic disease and non-emergent, there are very few medical problems that need to be evaluated in person. As there is no acupuncture done through the phone, treatment is based in Naturopathic Medicine.

I do not manage acute pain. An acute onset of pain needs to be seen in the emergency room. Abrupt changes in any medical condition which makes it unstable or noticeably different needs to be evaluated in person. Telemedicine has nothing to do with an acute onset of pain, nor is taking the place of the emergency room where visual inspection and hands on treatment is necessary.

However, for all other problems which are chronic in nature such as recurring headaches, fatigue, irregular menses, diabetes, auto-immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular problems, and many other issues, these types of problems can be managed safely and accurately via teleconference meetings.

Fees are the following:

Free 15 min phone consultation:
Speak with Dr. Fucci to see if you are both the right fit to move you to a better state of wellness.

Initial Consultation: $120.00
This includes a review of your detailed intake form prior to your consultation. My intake forms will give me insight into your medical history so that when we speak there is no time wasted asking the same questions which you already answered. This is common in medicine. It is frustrating for the patient, and a waste of time for all parties involved. Our time spent is very focused where we will be filling in the blanks and elaborating on necessary information that may not be addressed in your intake form. Afterwards, I will sit down and put in the time necessary to provide you the best treatment plan possible for your unique case. These recommendations will include lifestyle and dietary recommendations based on your intake form, my basic treatment guidelines which will be part of your daily routine, and necessary remedies to improve your condition. My treatment plans are quite comprehensive, and if followed will significantly improve your chance in achieving a successful outcome.

Follow up consultations: $60.00
Time is spent reviewing the changes which have taken place over the past month since we last spoke. It is important for you to keep a journal so that you can write down the small details throughout your day and week. While these details may seem small and insignificant, they are not to me. Relying on memory for a month long journey of every day changes is just not practical. It will fail you every time. At the end of our consultation a new treatment plan will be sent to your inbox in the patient portal.

To schedule an appointment, please register at Dr. Fucci’s Patient Portal and follow the directions.