The Origin of All Disease

07:40 29 April in Uncategorized

Modern physicists and quantum theory scientists confirm that everything in our physical universe, from the densest matter to the unimaginably small particles, is a manifestation of energy.

According to the theory of Biotherapeutic drainage, anthrosophical medicine (see Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925)) and many other systems of “energy medicine,” the human body is composed of much more than can be perceived by the five senses. It is made of increasingly refined layers of energy, the material or visceral form, being the results of the condition of less commonly perceived energetic layers. In other words, disease in the physical body is the result of imbalance in the energetic body.

Disease is lesional and healing starts with attempting to cleanse the body of whatever it does not want or need. One must awaken the potential of the body to heal itself. Unless the disease has gone through its destiny and determined the way the inner self will leave the body, healing is possible. The individual will leave and depart the body with all the information that has changed them throughout their life. Disease is a consequence of a lack of proper balance created by the many situations of a person’s experiences.

A cure is therefore not possible without correcting energetic imbalances. Treatment solely on the physical level will inevitably fail, as the energetic imbalance will cause recurrence, transformation, or metastasis. The reason for the success of the UNDA Numbers, single homeopathic remedies and ALL forms of energetic therapies are that they address the imbalance(s) at the energetic level; helping to re-create homeostasis.

Written by: Dr. Dick Thom, DDS, ND