Understanding the Approach in Treating Skin Problems

Understanding the Approach in Treating Skin Problems

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When addressing any problem in medicine, there are a plethora of things to consider.  I am going to go cover some of these things.  I am also going discuss medicine in general to provide a landscape of understanding regarding why medicine is what it is.  So bear with me if seem like I’m going tangential on certain topics, however, it is necessary if you wish to understand how to treat it in the manner I am discussing.  That said, there are various ways to treat problems successfully, I’m simply sharing one of the perspectives and am in no way saying that this approach is the only approach.

Your Emunctory Organs and Disease

In order to address skin problems you must address the root causes of why a person has a particular problem. From a naturopathic perspective, you have to address the emunctory organs (organs that eliminate toxic matter) which are the lungs, GI, kidney/urinary, and skin. Most important here for skin issues is the GI, kidney, and skin.  Before you can focus on the skin you need to help prime these organs/organ systems which facilitate the removal of toxins. Remember, we are made up of a 100 trillion cells which eat and defecate (endotoxins) just like we do on a macro level.  Then there is an estimated 100,000 exotoxins from our environment. Everything from pesticides, herbicides, hormones in meat, BPA in all plastic containers holding food and water, off gassing of new plastics, emissions, other air pollution particles such as solvents, and I can go on and on.  Without strong emunctory function, proper diet, adequate hydration, adequate sleep, healthy outlets for stress, daily bowel movements, etc., people develop imbalances in these systems.  Imbalance leads to symptoms, symptoms eventually leads to pathology (a change in cellular morphology and function aka a diagnosis – eczema, atherosclerosis, tumor, diabetes, etc.)

Unacknowledged Contributors of Disease

Every person has their own individual terrain (those things that make them them – genetics, epigenetics, miasms (similar to epigenetics but on an energetic level), temperament (see Randy Rolfe – Four Temperaments), and other factors. People even eliminate differently from the perspective of having certain SNP’s (single nucleotide polymorphisms) such as CYP 450 system. It’s why some people are jacked up for hours after drinking coffee where others are not. It’s why some people can live a life of debauchery and live to age 90 while others don’t live a life of debauchery and die young. These are all things that are not discussed in modern medicine because it’s not based on the germ theory or genetics. These two entities are essentially what is blamed for all diseases and is the basis for the writing of prescriptions of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.  This is “evidence based medicine”, but yet despite all the evidence, people are not having their illnesses reversed as I know they can be.

Why Don’t More Doctors Discuss Nutrition and Personal Choices?

Discussing diet for your typical MD has become pointless because most patients do not want to change their lifestyle so modern doctors don’t want to waste their time, and understandably so.  While I don’t agree with this approach, I do understand the frustrations of practicing medicine daily for years and 90% of the people every day don’t follow instructions, you eventually stop educating.  Generally speaking however, Western doctors including PA’s and NP’s are not trained in nutrition or anything holistic so most don’t educate because they don’t know anything about nutrition. The ones that do know about holistic medicine have to learn it on their own, and they are few in number anyhow. The other reason it is not frequently discussed is that insurances don’t reimburse for pt education, it’s not something that qualifies as “boosting” the CPT code or level of billing – the higher the code the more money you collect. Prescribing drugs, ordering tests, reviewing tests, referring a patient to a specialist all count as increasing the complexity of the visit.  The more complex, the more problems listed in the note, the higher you can code which means more money.  In fact, even in naturopathic medical schools when you take your exiting clinic exam you get more points for prescribing antibiotics than you do prescribing natural therapies! It’s that bad. And that’s why I personally left that system after completing my second year and finished my doctorate in traditional naturopathy instead of “modern” naturopathic medicine where they are being taught to prescribe antibiotics as a first line of treatment for some cases and approaching problems from a green allopathic stand point (green = natural, allopathic = treating symptoms). Anyhow, that’s a little background of the landscape of medicine.  If you are interested in learning about the profession before it became modernized, read Nature Doctors – Pioneers of Naturopathic Medicine.  Another good read is Nature Cure by Henry Lindlahr.  You’ll see how they were treating meningitis and appendicitis with extremely high success rates.  It’s unheard of to even tackle such problems holistically.  Not just that, you’ll ensure a law suit.  Medicine has changed.  As have the times.

When looking at how to approach skin problems in general, focusing on the liver, GI system, and kidneys is what has been shown to be effective in preparing the pathway for healing. These is one of the roots of cause.  At the very least, it is involved in all forms of chronic disease.  It must be remembered that every organ system is connected to another.  So even if you address one system that is out of balance, it doesn’t mean that the problem is going to go away.  You have address all system that are tied in or become affected due to another system.  For your own education, I would recommend reading on the OAT Axis by Dr. Lam, it will give you a good understanding of what I’m talking about.  To further this point is beyond the scope of this article.  The last word on this is that if you have a thyroid disorder, ovarian imbalance (hormonal) or adrenal insufficiency (most everyone), you should read this.

The Organs in Action

The liver packages things for elimination. The Kidneys are involved in the last stage of elimination. The GI system is linked to the skin. Just use “Dr. Google” (insert pun) and research Eczema and dysbiosis. You’ll find some quality articles on the matter which correlate an imbalance of specific bacteria in the gut to the development of skin problem.  Thus, the superior treatment is one that focuses on the gut, not the skin. Focusing on treating the skin is treating the leaves not the roots. You want to get at the root causes.  At the very least you want to treat the limbs and branches which supply, nourish and eliminate toxicity from the “leaves”.

The Philosophy of Drainage and How it Relates to Disease

If people begin working on “draining” the skin first, it has been common to see a worsening of the skin. Drainage is a term used in biotherapeutic drainage which simple means elimination. I once heard someone chastising the practice of this medicine by stating “how stupid, there are no drains” in the body. Unfortunately, the ignorance by some people is extremely profound. That aside, drainage needs to be directed at the organs involved in cleaning house. You don’t renovate a house without cleaning up the debris on the floor first. Why would it be any different with our body? It’s common sense – you treat the root, not the leaves.

To further this point, if you are in a functioning car and there are trees and debris in the road, you have the capacity to get to the other side, but you can’t because of the blockages, aka the “obstacles to cure”. In other words, your body has the innate ability to reverse abnormal physiology but it can’t because things are either stuck, not functioning optimally, or there are insults to the body/cell that is greater than its capacity to overcome the burden. Sometimes there’s just not enough vitality of the body to fully heal.  This is commonly found in people who are elderly or just riddled with so much chronic disease it’s just past the point of no return. Also, cells undergo morphological changes which changes the overall structure of the tissues and organs – Ie. Tumors, atherosclerosis, hypertrophy, etc. Reversing changes like this has happened in some people (over several to many years), but the older you are the more time that has passed and the harder it is.  Overall, considering all factors, the number one reason why most people don’t heal or reverse illness is due to impatience and non-compliance.  People want a quick fix.  And healing through the natural process of undoing the “wrongness” takes time.  Most do not want to put in the time.  Therefore, they reap what they sew.

Remember, a diagnosis simply tells you about the pathology in most all situations. Don’t get caught up on the diagnosis but rather what organ or organ system is out of balance. If you correct the imbalance, the symptoms lessen and eventually disappear. If you don’t have symptoms, how can you possibly have a diagnosis? Therefore, the cures reside in restoring balance. And if you can create balance, you can also create imbalance, so ultimately, there really is no “cure” to anything, there is only balance and imbalance with resulting effects that are then deemed symptoms and then pathology – high blood pressure, dizziness, GERD, atherosclerosis, etc.

As for the “treatment”, I am not treating, recommending or telling anyone what to do, but merely sharing with people what has been seen to be effective and how certain remedies would be taken. 


Remedies show to be effective for skin problems:

1st Month
UNDA # 1, 20, and 243 (focuses on liver and kidney)
*5 drops under the tongue taken 1 min apart, starting with the lowest number. 3 times a day.
HMF Superpowder (take till done)
*1 scoop each day with food (spoon included)
TM Colloidal Trace Mineral Complex (take as directed till done)
Castor oil packs (stimulates your GALT system in your gut)  Educate yourself by going to     http://www.marioninstitute.org/castor-oil-an-essential-for-health/
Castor oil pack (apply to stomach 45min – 1hr daily, minimum 4 days a week – Add a little each day for 1 week to        eventually saturate fully by end of one week – NOT DRIPPING, but damp! Add a little once a week to maintain,          keep in bag that it comes in.

These recommendations are to clean “the house”, to pick up all the stuff on the floor before you paint the inside.  It is highly doubtful that you will see any improvements.  If you do, great, but that’s not the likely outcome.

2nd Month
UNDA # 1, 12, 270 (focuses on skin, as most all things do from here on out)
Cedrus Lebani**
Ilex Aquifolium**
Al-gen (if you have allergies, add this) 10 drops am/pm

**All gemmotherapies fill to top line on spoon = 75 drops, twice daily)

All remedies listed above and below do other things besides helping the skin, so it’s possible that you may find other issues improving when you are them.

3rd Month
Ulmus Campestris**
Juglans Regia**
Vibrum Lantana**
Calc-Sulph Tissue Salt – 2 tabs twice am/pm

4th Month
Unda # 12, 17, 3rd remedy (Insert appropriate # below)
#45 for asthma/chronic respiratory disorders with eczema. #50 for psoriasis. #270 any and all skin disorders. #710 for acne. Can combine 4 if so choose, but no more than 4.
Skn-Gen – 10 drops am/pm
Kali Bromatum (for acne)
Acne Drops by Professional Formulas (for acne)

Additional supplements that can be added:
Coptis Purge Fire
Derma Wind Release
Manganese Gammadyn

If you wish to order, you can go here: https://www.npscript.com/drchrisfucci

Provider Code is UNDA. You’ll get a 7% discount.


The above information is one of the ways to address skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Hormonal imbalances also can be a cause of acne, so that would require additional measures and/or different remedies. In Chinese medicine, the lungs control the skin. So skin problems could be due to that a person has an energetic imbalance, or physical, within the lungs. And that would need to be addressed in the treatment(s). Regardless, even if a person did 4 months worth of treatment and saw minimal results, it could be because more treatments are needed despite addressing the root cause. If the root cause was a hormonal problem, it isn’t as though what was done was for nothing. Everything mentioned above removes toxicity, increases the ability of specific cells to that organ or organs system to function better, and strengthens the overall organ/organ system. It’s like going to the gym, aside from an injury, there is no bad outcome to working out. It just may be that you need to focus on a different root cause. This is why medicine is an art. It’s not just popping pills to suppress a symptom. That will never ever result in homeostasis. It’s impossible. Physiology doesn’t become balanced by suppressing a receptor with a drug. No one in their right mind would remove a check engine light from a plane or car and then think the problem was solved.

Lastly, I would strongly advise keeping a diet journal so you can chronicle your intake, progress, etc. Diet does have a contributing role in acne. From a Chinese medicine perspective, acne, psoriasis, eczema are viewed as a heat condition. Spicy foods, fast foods, beer, processed foods, etc., all contribute to heat. You would be benefited from looking up Chinese medicine and (your skin condition), and then follow the guidelines, preferably from a website of someone who is a practicing acupuncturist or herbalist. Also, remember that putting things on your face like egg whites, doing glycolic peels, avocado, etc., is treating at the superficial level (the leaves). This is called green allopathy (green being natural/holistic, allopathy in treating the symptoms at the surface). Nothing wrong with doing this in addition, but to resolve things at the deeper level you need to do the other things. Many people and many websites that post articles on the net are advising green allopathy. It’s why natural medicines often “don’t work” in many cases.